Mission Statement

The Frame Research Center (FRC) is dedicated to the advancement of Hilbert space frame theory and its applications. An important part of our mission is the development of human capital for the area by training students and post-docs as well as encouraging researchers from other areas to apply their expertise to the advancement of frame theory.

Hilbert space frames have been traditionally used in signal processing because of their resilience to additive noise, resilience to quantization, numerical stability of reconstruction and their ability to capture important signal characteristics. Today, frame theory is an exciting, dynamic and fast paced subject with applications to a wide variety of areas in mathematics and engineering, including sampling theory, operator theory, harmonic analysis, nonlinear sparse approximation, pseudodifferential operators, wavelet theory, wireless communication, data transmission with erasures, filter banks, signal processing, image processing, geophysics, quantum computing, sensor networks, and more. The Frame Research Center is dedicated to advancing all areas that frame theory impacts as well as developing new applications. Researchers in academics and industry who want help with projects requiring frame theory should contact the director of the center.